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Access to Higher Education

If you’re aspiring to attend university but lack the necessary qualifications, Access to Higher Education courses serve as an excellent solution.

Animal Care

Foster a deeper understanding of animal welfare and behavior.

Art and Design

Ignite your creative potential in visual expression.

Beauty Therapy

Master the craft of aesthetics and well-being.

Business Studies

Navigate the dynamics of modern business landscapes.

Catering and Hospitality

Deliver exceptional experiences in hospitality.


Shape the future by nurturing young minds.

Computing and IT

Drive innovation in an ever-evolving digital world.


Lay the foundation for a career in building the future.

Course Types

Learn about the differences between course types.

Distance Learning

Flexible online courses enabling you to learn at your own pace and convenience

English and Maths

Refine essential skills for limitless opportunities.


Engineer solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Learn English, the gateway language to global opportunities.

Inclusive Learning

Our Inclusive Learning courses are designed to prepare you for a range of work opportunities or life skills in or outside of college.

Game Design

Turn your passion for gaming into a professional pursuit.

Graphic Design

Communicate ideas through visual storytelling.


Unleash your creativity in this dynamic profession.

Health and Social Care

Make a meaningful impact in healthcare and community.

Learner Engagement (14-16)

The Learner Engagement course is designed to re-engage young people who have historically struggled with mainstream education for a variety of reasons, but are open to exploring an alternative path.

Media and Journalism

Be the voice that informs and influences.

Motor Vehicle

Accelerate your career in automotive technology.


Turn your musical talents into a lifelong vocation.

Performing Arts

Captivate audiences through the art of performance.


Capture life’s moments through the lens.

Professional Qualifications

Advance your career with our flexible, industry-relevant professional adult courses.

Public Uniformed Services

Serve your community with pride and purpose.


Introducing Our Comprehensive Range of Retrofit Courses at Peterborough College


Uncover the scientific principles that shape our world.


Champion a healthier, active lifestyle.

Teacher Training

Inspire and educate future generations.

Travel and Tourism

Embark on a journey to shape unforgettable experiences for others.

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