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Learner Engagement

Learner Engagement is designed to re-engage young people who have historically struggled with mainstream education for a variety of reasons, but are open to exploring an alternative path.

14-16 Pathways

The one year programmes have a high level of pastoral care built into them, and aims to prepare learners to either go onto a mainstream course or to be ready to enter employment.

The focus is on modelling and reinforcing expectation of behaviour, building up self-confidence and self-esteem, and re-familiarising young people with a learning environment in a supportive setting (especially for those who have been out of education).

In terms of progression, there is an opportunity to continue your studies at a higher level in a range of different subject areas within the College.

We provide young people aged 14-16 a range of opportunities to study a vocational qualification with us. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and we aim to support, inspire and help young people to realise their potential in order to choose the right progression route in Post 16 Education.

We have three pathways available to young people aged 14-16 to study with us:

  • Elective Home Educated students (EHE)
  • Alternative School Provision (ASP)
  • Day Release, Skills Pathway

EHE students will study part-time with us as part of their home education programme and will work towards qualifications that are appropriate to their academic level. We offer English and maths, alongside a tutorial programme and a vocational qualification that allow the young person to explore their plans for Post-16 study.

Delivery is face to face, two days a week with our dedicated 14-16 team.

Parents or carers can apply to the College directly by completing the online Application Form or contacting

The young person will then be contacted for an interview, and if successful, will be offered a place.

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