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Motor Vehicle

Are you an aspiring mechanic, vehicle designer, or automotive researcher who wants to delve into the realm of motor vehicle studies to fulfill your ambitions?

Accelerate your career in automotive technology.

The realm of motor vehicles plays a crucial role in our daily lives. From the cars that whisk us away to various destinations, to the trucks that deliver goods, and the bikes that offer freedom on two wheels – every one of these machines is a testament to the expertise of those involved in motor vehicle studies.

The field offers various career opportunities, covering areas from basic mechanics to vehicle appearance, and from tuning to simple vehicle electronics. Whether you’re interested in understanding engines, electric systems, basic vehicle design, or introductory software, there’s a suitable direction for you.

Career-focused education

Some of the career opportunities listed below may require further study and qualifications in order to enter the industry.

  • Automotive Engineer
  • Vehicle Designer
  • Motor Vehicle Technician
  • Performance Tuner
  • Auto Electrician
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Specialist
  • Transmission Specialist
  • Chassis Engineer
  • Aerodynamics Specialist
  • Automotive Software Developer
  • Body Repair Technician
  • Tyre Technician
  • Motorsport Engineer
  • Vehicle Emissions Tester
  • Vehicle Safety Inspector
  • Auto Paint Technician
  • Motorcycle Mechanic

The tuition I received at Peterborough College was a very strong foundation of automotive mechanics and the industry where I now work as Regional After Sales Manager, covering Texas, California and the South-West for Aston Martin North America. The lecturers were hugely inspiring to me and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the College in launching me on a career in automotive spanning 30 years.

Gary Hymen
Motor Vehicle Diploma Level 2

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