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Public (Uniformed Services)

If you’re inclined towards a career that demands discipline, teamwork, and the opportunity to serve, Peterborough College’s Public (Uniformed Services) courses might be precisely what you’re seeking.

Serve your community with pride and purpose

At Level 2, we introduce foundational concepts of public services, providing insights into various uniformed roles and the values they uphold.

For those looking to advance further, Level 3 delves deeper into areas like leadership, emergency response protocols, and the workings of different uniformed services.

With guidance from tutors who’ve previously served in these sectors, our courses blend theoretical instruction with real-world applications, setting you on the path for a fulfilling career in uniformed services.

Career-focused education

Some of the career opportunities listed below may require further study and qualifications in order to enter the industry

  • Armed Forces Personnel
  • Police Officer
  • Fire Fighter
  • Paramedic
  • Coastguard
  • Border Force Officer
  • Prison Officer
  • Customs and Excise Officer
  • Traffic Warden
  • Security Consultant
  • Public Service Administrator
  • Emergency Service Dispatcher
  • First Responder
  • Lifeguard


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