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Become an Apprentice!

If you want to earn while you learn, an Apprenticeship could be just what you’re looking for. Each year our Apprenticeship team helps over 400 people into free or subsidised, work-based training with local employers and ensure that you are in the right job with the level of support that you need.


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  • The Benefits of Apprenticeships -

    There are lots of benefits to doing an Apprenticeship. You can learn in a way that is best suited to you, through hands on experience of doing the job. Some key benefits include:

    – Working alongside experienced staff
    – Earning a wage
    – Gaining accredited training and qualifications
    – Learning job specific skills
    – Gaining invaluable work experience
    – Getting paid holidays

    Earning while you are learning
    Apprentices do real jobs for real employers so you’re paid while you learn. If you are entering work for the first time, you will start earning from day one of your Apprenticeship.

    The minimum salary for apprentices is currently £3.40 per hour. This can change annually in line with government direction. Although a minimum salary has been set, many apprentices earn significantly more. As your skills develop your pay may increase accordingly. You may also get additional money for essential books, clothing or equipment, or to help you with a disability. As an apprentice, you will also receive the same benefits as other employees such as pension contributions, subsidised canteen and leisure facilities.

    Learn on the job
    Apprentices learn on the job, building up knowledge and skills, gaining qualifications and earning money all at the same time. You work towards a work-based qualification such as a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and other nationally recognised qualifications. Employers all over the country recognise and value Apprenticeships as they show that you’ve been trained in the skills they need.

    Support during training
    Your employer and the College will make sure you have support. Our job is to ensure that your training offers the skills needed for the job and satisfies national standards.

    Apprenticeships can be demanding but they are very rewarding. Because Apprenticeships train you in the skills employers want, they give you choices in your career.

    Your career doesn’t have to stop at a Level 2 or 3 Apprenticeship. We now offer some Level 4 Apprenticeship programmes. Alternatively, if you want to go on to university, you will find that many institutes of Higher Education value your skills and knowledge and will happily offer you a place on a Foundation Degree or other higher level qualification.

  • What's Involved -

    How long does an Apprenticeship take to complete?

    Apprenticeships can take between one and four years to complete depending on the level of the Apprenticeship, the individuals ability and the industry sector. Throughout your Apprenticeship you will be working towards a work-based qualification known as an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification), amongst other qualifications and training.

    Who can apply?
    Apprenticeships are open to all age groups aged 16 years old and above, you just need to be living in England and not taking part in full-time education.

    What will I need?
    For some Apprenticeships, and to work with some employers, you will need specific GCSE passes or previous experience. You will also have an interview where we look at your GCSE grades (actual or predicted), which will help us to decide on the best programme for you.

    How do I get an Apprenticeship?
    To become an Apprentice you will need to have an employer. If you are not currently employed, take a look at our Apprenticeship vacancies to see what is currently available.

    How will I study and learn?
    As an Apprentice you will be in employment for most of the week, as the majority of the training will take place on the job. The rest of your study and training will normally take place at college, attendance is typically 1 day per week. In order to qualify for the Apprenticeship you need to be able to secure or be in paid employment for 30 hours per week or more.

    Can I progress after my Apprenticeship?
    Your Apprenticeship doesn’t always have to stop at Level 2 or 3 as we do offer some Level 4 Apprenticeship programmes. Alternatively, if you want to go on to university, you may find that many institutes of Higher Education will value your skills and knowledge and will happily offer you a place on a Foundation Degree or other higher level qualification.

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Peterborough Regional College receives part-funding from the European Social Fund,  which supports the continued delivery of adult apprenticeships within the East of England  and the Midlands.

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