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Work Experience & Industry Placements

Work experience & industry placements give young people who are studying a technical qualification practical experience which is directly related to their course, helping prepare them for the world of work.

The longer placement duration of 350 hours ensures students are given sufficient time to master the essentials and that employers have the opportunity to mould and foster the student’s technical abilities so they are more likely to add value and make a lasting impact on the business. Employers  are playing a key role in creating opportunities for young people in our local community who are at the start of their careers and enabling them to develop their technical skills and build confidence.

What Are Industry Placements?

An industry placement is part of a T Level course – a new qualification for 16-19-year olds that have been designed by employers. T Level students spend 80% of the course in the classroom, learning the skills that employers need. Industry placements are a shift from traditional work experience to a longer, more structured placement in the workplace for young people to develop real work skills and make a meaningful contribution to your organisation. Placements will last at least 315 hours (approx. 45 days).

Why Offer Industry Placements?

Industry placements give you:

  • fresh ideas and input from the next generation
  • a talent pipeline for the future
  • a way for you to fill skills gaps
  • a chance for staff to develop supervisory and mentoring skills
  • an opportunity to build a more diverse workforce
  • an enhanced reputation in your community

Over the next few years, T Levels will scale up to include 23 courses, covering 11 skill areas.

Kidney Research UK has benefitted from work placement students since October 2014, hosting 5 students to date. Each student has worked well and supported our Finance Team. This work has included banking reconciliations coding bank statements and scanning of invoices. All this work is important and shows that we trust students with essential work, not work staff do not want to do themselves. Bringing in students to support the team has seen staff develop their own management skills and mentoring skills whilst the student learns, making the whole process a win win for all concerned.

Christian Comforth – Volunteer Programme Manager
Kidney Research UK

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