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Have you ever considered what a day at the office entails for a real life scenes of crime officer, forensic technician or criminologist? Or maybe you have an enquiring mind and an interest in science and would like to pursue a course in a medically-related subject such as biomedical science, biochemistry, radiography, pharmacy or nursing. Whatever your scientific interest, we run a range of science-based courses designed to promote the understanding of how the world of science affects our everyday lives.

A world of science

PRC offers a diverse range of science-based courses covering Bioscience, Medical Forensics and Applied Sciences. Courses are aimed at equipping you with skills to enable you to acquire, interpret and analyse relevant scientific information with a critical understanding of the appropriate contexts for their use.

Building a fantastic future

Work-based practical assignments will complement your academic studies and deepen your understanding of the industry. Courses will develop your practical and problem solving skills, and offer a good understanding of the main scientific theories of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Specialist courses will cover topics such as human biology and the environment, products from rocks and energy transfer and waves.


Experimental and industry related project briefs

PRC has strong industry links and prides itself in building up excellent relationships with local employers.