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What is Retrofit?

Retrofitting refers to the process of updating existing buildings with new technology or features, primarily to improve energy efficiency. This involves enhancements like better insulation, more efficient heating systems, and the integration of renewable energy sources.

Why Retrofit Matters

There are 27 million homes in the UK, and the majority will need retrofitting to meet the government’s carbon reduction targets. By properly insulating homes, introducing greener heating solutions, and implementing renewable energy sources such as solar panels or heat pumps, we can make a significant impact on CO2 emissions. With thousands of career opportunities in the retrofit sector, now is the perfect time to join this fast-growing industry.

Key Occupations in Retrofit

Our Retrofit courses cater to various roles within the sector, including trades such as plastering, joinery, carpentry, rendering, heat pump installation, and solar panel installation. Professionals in retrofit advisory, assessment, coordination, and design will also benefit from our programs. In addition, job roles in social housing, such as Tenant Liaison Officers, Asset Managers, and Energy and Sustainability Officers, can greatly benefit from our Retrofit qualifications.

As the UK strives to reduce carbon emissions, Retrofit Advisors will play a key role in improving energy efficiency and retrofitting the country’s 27 million homes. Retrofit Advisors provide independent advice to homeowners and residents, helping them understand retrofit’s impact on their properties. Often the first point of contact for residents, Retrofit Advisors support and advise throughout the retrofit project and liaise with assessors, coordinators, designers, and installers to ensure everything goes smoothly.

PAS 2035

PAS 2035 is a UK standard for energy retrofit of domestic buildings, setting a framework for assessing and improving the energy efficiency of existing homes.

It outlines a whole-house approach, ensuring retrofit work is effective, safe, and minimises disruption. The standard defines roles and responsibilities within retrofit projects, like Retrofit Coordinators, to ensure quality and compliance with legal and technical requirements.

For more in-depth information about PAS 2035, you can refer to the below videos.

What is PAS 2035?
Why does PAS 2035 exist?
The PAS 2035 Roles

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