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If you are considering withdrawing from your course, the first point of contact is to talk to your tutor. Whilst they won’t be able to advise you on your finances, there may be a solution to any issues you are facing. Should you wish to progress with your withdrawal, your tutor will arrange this for you but there are financial implications you may need to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you chosen to fund your course through an advanced learner loan and are thinking of withdrawing from your course?

Depend­ing on the date of your with­draw­al, Stu­dent Finance Eng­land may not pay your full tuition fee lia­bil­i­ty, so a por­tion of your fee may be invoiced direct­ly to you by the Col­lege. It’s impor­tant to remem­ber that any monies paid over to the col­lege by Stu­dent Finance Eng­land will still form part of your loan to be repaid in future years.

What if I withdraw before the course starts?

You will have no fee lia­bil­i­ty and can can­cel any stu­dent loans you have applied for.

What if I withdraw after I have started to attend classes?

Your fee lia­bil­i­ty will depend on when you with­draw. You will have a two-week cool­ing-off peri­od from the date that your course starts until you become liable for the annu­al course fee. The fol­low­ing will apply accord­ing to the fund­ing method cho­sen after this period:

  • Flexpay Instalments
    The balance of the loan will become payable in full.
  • Adult Learner Loan
    The balance of the annual fee, less any monies received by the college from Student Finance England will be due.
  • Employer Funded
    Fees will be due whether paid by the employer, or not, at the time of withdrawal. The liability lies with the student.
  • Self Funded
    Fees should be paid prior to enrolment so no refund will be given

If you withdraw within the cooling off period, a small admin charge to be made according to the fees policy.

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