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How To Connect To The Wi-Fi

Eduroam Wi-Fi

Learn how to connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi on an Inspire Education Group Campus.

We recommend the Geteduroam app for setting up your connection. The only exception to this is MacOS devices where we would recommend using eduroam CAT.

After setting up your eduroam access for the Inspire Education Group, you can also connect at other participating institutions.

See for further details.

How To Download


Use The  Eduroam App

Follow these instructions to set up your eduroam connection for the first time.  Your device should then connect automatically whenever it can see the eduroam service.

  1. Make sure that you have an internet connection such as 4G, or a home Wi-Fi connection
  2. Download and run the Geteduroam application for Windows
  3. Search for the Inspire Education Group
  4. Select your profile
  5. Press next, and check the contact information is:
  6. Press next and install the IEG eduRoam CA
  7. Enter your college E-mail and your network password.

If you have trouble connecting, please contact the service desk.

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