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Peterborough Job Centre Plus in collaboration with Peterborough For Jobs and Movement to Work.

Meet The Team

Anthony Dawson

Partnership Manager for Peterborough and Wisbech Jobcentre

Alison Cotton

Lead on the Peterborough For Jobs

Anna Sosnowska

Employer Advisor / Account Manager

Penelope Wood

Employer Advisor / Account Manager

Rita Joshi-Boparai

Employer Advisor / Account Manager

Peterborough For Jobs

In the summer of 2022, we engaged with our local MP – Paul Bristow to launch the “Peterborough For Jobs” campaign.

Our aim is to reach out and invite local employers to actively engage their social responsibility and work with us to share whatever resources they may have to assist with employment barriers such as:

  • Employability skills
  • Social skills
  • Interview practice and mock interviews.
  • Confidence building
  • Offers of work placements / mentoring
  • Apprenticeships
  • Job opportunities
  • Facilitate events or attend our job fairs.

Movement To Work

Movement to work is a national movement to support young people into working environments that motivate and lift them out of a myriad of difficult life circumstances. The website is linked above and also on the home page within their logo. If you want to get involved, please do get in touch with us with any questions and we would love to work in collaboration with you.  We could also put you in touch with one of our current employers for some peer-to-peer perspective and insight.

Organisations Involved



We have been running some fantastic workshops in collaboration with both Cross Keys Homes and Anglian Water with the Co-op also joining us recently. We have held one-week workshops for groups of 6-10 people at a time at Peterborough City College who kindly donate us a space for this. We hold a mini career event on the Friday too which has been supported fantastically by a wide range of local employers and support organisations.

Following on from this week of support we then offer, those who want to do so, a one-week placement at our Jobcentre under the banner of Movement To Work. We give them projects, revisit job seeking skills and we finish with creating the short video introductions you are looking at on this page today.  They are then able to use this experience on their C.Vs and talk about real life actions when being interviewed. We hope you like this pilot idea and perhaps have seen an individual you would consider making an interview offer to.

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