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Sound Entrepreneur Inspired by Peterborough College: George Hambleton's Story

17 April 2024

For George Hambleton, a Freelance Sound Engineer and Company Director of HDH Productions, the journey began with a Level 3 Music Technology course at Peterborough College. For George, the course ignited a passion and provided the foundation that launched his remarkable career in the exciting world of live sound. We explored George’s story and found out how Peterborough College empowered him to turn his passion into reality.

George Hambleton at the Margate Soul Festival in 2017.

Experience Beyond the Expected

“The course gave me the experience to take chances and try new things,” says George. Initially interested in recording engineering, he discovered a passion for live sound thanks to the college’s approach. “The course and staff let us take risks and trusted us to run events both in the college and outside of class times.” This hands-on experience opened doors to a whole new world within music technology.

Building a Strong Foundation: From Textbooks to Practical Skills

“We were the first year on the course and we were able to help build one of the studios,” George recalls. This unique opportunity not only sparked his interest in how the equipment worked but also in troubleshooting. “Learning how to terminate connectors and using a soldering iron” were valuable skills gained during lunch breaks with a supportive instructor named Ernie. These practical skills gave George the confidence to not only fix broken equipment but also disassemble delicate and expensive technology for maintenance.

Running the Show: Hands-on Training Prepares for the Real World

“I got to run sound in the College hall for many productions,” George says. “In our second year, I was trusted to just get on with it and set the hall for a show.” This experience not only honed his technical skills but also his ability to collaborate. “I then had to work with the Theatre course to also get the lighting going, which meant working with musicians and artists to deliver their shows.” These collaborations prepared him for the demanding and sometimes chaotic environment of live events.

From Student to Entrepreneur: The Power of Networking and Mentorship

The course at Peterborough College wasn’t just about technical skills. “The practical hands-on training gave me a good understanding of how things work, which I could then apply to other disciplines including lighting and video systems,” says George. But most importantly, “It hugely improved my communications skills and confidence when working with other people in the industry.” The faculty’s mentorship also played a key role. “The course gave me the skills to network as a whole and build, at the time, a small reputation and the confidence to approach other professionals and companies,” explains George.

These connections, combined with the skills he gained, helped him land his first job at a music venue after graduation, ultimately leading to him founding his successful sound company, HDH ProductionsHDH Productions supplies equipment and manages live sound for a wide range of events including festivals, album launches, concerts, conferences, and club nights.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Music Tech Professionals

Looking back, George has some key pieces of advice for aspiring music technology students:

“Never say no to opportunities that are given to you, even if they’re not exactly related to what you think you want to do because you might discover a job or new interest you didn’t know about. Never be afraid to ask for help or ask how to do something.

“Go and research and look up different roles within the industry as a whole, from record labels, lighting, LED walls, projection video mapping. There are so many cool and interesting things you can do in the events industry.”

Inspired by George’s story? Peterborough College’s Level 3 Music Technology course can help you launch your successful career in the music industry. 

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