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Peterborough College Students Showcase ‘Next Level Creativity’ at End of Year Exhibition

28 May 2024

Peterborough College’s Visual Arts department showcased an incredible array of talent at their annual end-of-term exhibition.

Students from Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Visual Arts courses displayed a stunning selection of work across various disciplines, including Art, Games Design, Graphic Design, Photography, and Fashion Design.

Held over three days, the event received an overwhelming response from visitors who were captivated by the high standard of work. Many described the exhibition as “amazing, outstanding, and beautifully thought-provoking”, praising the “next level creativity” on display.

The event served as a platform for budding artists, designers, and photographers to display their creativity, skills, and artistic visions to a broader audience, including fellow students, staff members, friends, and the wider local community of Greater Peterborough.

Michelle Fisk, a Visual Arts Lecturer at Peterborough College, commented, “Our students have the opportunity to explore a variety of disciplines to help them forge their own creative paths and develop a diverse portfolio of work, preparing them for both university and employment”.

From Level 1 students exploring the fundamentals of artistic expression, to Level 3 students demonstrating advanced techniques and concepts, the exhibition encompassed a wide spectrum of artistic development. It showcased a diverse range of artworks, capturing the essence of the students’ growth, dedication, and passion throughout the academic year.

Peterborough College extends its gratitude to all the students, staff, and visitors who made the exhibition a resounding success. The event stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression and the potential of young creatives to shape the future of the visual arts industry.


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