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Peterborough College Sports Academies Celebrate Student Athletes at Parcs Restaurant Awards Lunch

12 June 2024

Peterborough College’s sports academies celebrated the exceptional achievements of their talented student-athletes with an exclusive awards lunch at the on-campus Parcs Restaurant on 6th June.

Sports Person of the Year, Cyrus Andrei Rieta, poses for a photo with Dan Ruscillo, Assistant Head of Faculty for Sport.

This momentous occasion recognised the dedication, commitment, and outstanding performances of the College’s sports stars.

The awards lunch brought together athletes, coaches, and College staff to honour the exceptional accomplishments of the sports academies’ students. The event celebrated a wide range of achievements, from remarkable triumphs on the fields to notable contributions to team spirit and leadership.

Basketball Winners

Most Valuable Player – Kristers Skribans
Most Improved Player – Lewis Scott
Defensive Player of the Year – Pijus Malinjonis (Piers)
Hustle Player of the Year – Wilton Pauza
Rookie Player of the Year – Cyrus Andrei Rieta

Rugby Winners

Coaches Player – Scoty Vukeiono
Players Player – James Prewer
Top Point Scorer – Jack Wheatley

Adding to the celebratory atmosphere, the awards lunch featured an impressive culinary experience, courtesy of Peterborough College’s talented Catering students. Under the guidance of Francesca de Falco, Skills Trainer Assessor for Hospitality, the students showcased their creativity and expertise, providing a delightful lunch that perfectly complemented the event. This inclusion highlighted the College’s holistic approach to nurturing talent across various disciplines.

Girls' Football

Coaches Player – Melissa Riley
Players Player – Cody Webb
Top Goalscorer – Cody Webb

Boys' Football

Most Improved – Evans Fekaa 2023/24
Players Player – Jay Stead 2023/24
Coaches Player – Ewan Dickerson 2023/24
Players Player – Hayden Coates 2023/24
Top Goalscorer – Evans Fekaa 2023/24
Coaches Player – Derrick Dadzie 2023/24
Players Player – Derrick Dadzie 2023/24
Top Goalscorer – Derrick Dadzie 2023/24
3x Champion of AOC – Kodi Kuczek

Team of the Year

Boys’ Football Academy

Sports Person of the Year

Cyrus Andrei Rieta

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