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Peterborough College Celebrate Cultural Diversity at Vibrant Cultural Awareness Day

1 May 2024

Peterborough College, part of Inspire Education Group, erupted in a vibrant celebration of diverse cultures this week, showcasing the rich tapestry of its student body during its annual Cultural Awareness Day. The event, a highlight of Cultural Awareness Week, perfectly illustrated the college’s dedication to developing positive community cohesion and ensuring that all students feel welcome and valued, creating an environment where they can thrive in their learning.

This celebration of diversity is a powerful testament to the college’s role as an anchor institution within Peterborough’s community. By nurturing and empowering students from diverse ethnic backgrounds, the college plays a vital role in cultivating the skills and potential of the next generation, ensuring a skilled but vibrant and inclusive future for our city.

Students proudly donned their traditional attire, filling the college with an enriching environment of colours and patterns. The day was filled with the sounds of traditional music and lively dance performances, while stalls selling handcrafted jewellery and offering samples of delicious international cuisine provided a true taste of global diversity.

Charlotte Akester, EDI Coordinator at IEG, commented, “The Cultural Awareness Day exemplifies our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. By celebrating diversity and embracing our students’ rich tapestry of cultures, we not only create an environment where everyone feels valued and welcomed but also empower the next generation to thrive in a globalised world. This event underscores the pivotal role of education in building bridges across cultures and nurturing a more inclusive society.”

The event was further enhanced by the participation of valued community partners PARCA and GLADCA who supported enriching activities designed to help students who have migrated or sought sanctuary in the UK build connections within the local community.

Inspire Education Group takes immense pride in its diverse student body and this Cultural Awareness Day serves as a shining example of the immense value a truly welcoming and inclusive educational institution brings to the successful development of the City.

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