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Nathan Higgins: From Catering Student to Esteemed Chef and Community Volunteer

5 June 2024

With over 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, former Peterborough College Catering student, Nathan Higgins, is a passionate and creative Executive Chef and Owner of Chef de la Maison Group.

Since completing his studies, Nathan (left) has worked with multi-million-pound and dollar companies in both the UK and Canada.

Nathan Higgins credits a significant part of his professional success to his experiences while studying at Peterborough College, part of Inspire Education Group. One experience that stands out vividly for him is working at Parcs Restaurant. “Working at Parcs restaurant, especially on a busy evening in the kitchen, had a profound impact on my career,” Higgins recalls. “The prep, the buzz of service, and most importantly, Chef Paul Norman’s mentorship, played a crucial role in building my confidence across all sections of the kitchen brigade.”

Advice to His Younger Self:

When asked what advice he would give his younger self, especially regarding navigating his chosen field, Higgins emphasised the importance of patience and self-compassion. “As a chef, you are always learning, and there were times I put too much pressure on myself in my eagerness to succeed. My advice would be to be more patient and kind to oneself for longevity in this wonderful profession,” he shared.

Achievements Beyond the Kitchen:

Nathan Higgins’s accomplishments extend far beyond his professional life. Since leaving Peterborough College, he has become a volunteer at The Peterborough Soup Kitchen, where he feels a deep sense of fulfillment. “I’ve been baking for the Soup Kitchen for a while now, and becoming a fixture in the organisation feels incredibly rewarding,” Higgins said. “It’s underestimated how good it feels to give back to those in need.”

Additionally, Higgins is proud of his personal life and travels. He is married with two wonderful daughters and has traveled extensively, enriching his life with diverse experiences from around the world. “Traveling most of the world has been one of my greatest accomplishments. It’s too easy to make excuses not to travel, but for me, even a short trip away is the best learning you can get,” he noted.

A New Chapter in Canada:

A significant milestone for Higgins and his family has been becoming permanent residents of Canada. This dual citizenship opens exciting future opportunities for his daughters, blending the best of both UK and Canadian cultures. “Between business and pleasure, my wife and I fell in love with Canada. Our daughters being dual citizens of the UK and Canada is very exciting for their future opportunities,” he added.

“As a sustainable catering professional, I aim to indulge my clients in guilt-free feasting, nourishing not just their bodies, but also their minds and the planet,” said Higgins. He emphasises using local, organic, and seasonal ingredients while minimizing food waste and carbon footprint. Additionally, Higgins owns The Grange Venue for hire, a bar and lounge with a function room facility that hosts sporting events, weddings, conferences, and parties. He is always looking for new opportunities and exciting culinary challenges that can showcase his skills and values.

Peterborough College is immensely proud of Nathan Higgins and his journey. His story is an inspiring example for current and future students, showcasing the impact of dedication, mentorship, and community involvement.

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