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Former Access to HE Student Pursuing Masters in Forensic Psychological Studies

23 January 2024

Ellie, who initially started as an Access to HE student in 2016 at Peterborough College, studying Humanities and Social Sciences, is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychological Studies.

After completing her Access to HE course, Ellie graduated with First Class Honours in Criminology at University Centre Peterborough.

Ellie’s journey began when she signed up for an Access to HE Humanities and Social Science course at Peterborough College in 2016. Embracing the role of a mature student, she thrived in the friendly atmosphere among her classmates, all sharing the common goal of pursuing higher education. This initial experience laid the foundation for her subsequent success.

“Back in 2016, I signed up for an Access to HE Humanities and Social Science course at Peterborough College. It was nice being a mature student, and the atmosphere among my classmates was friendly, with everyone sharing the same goal. We all got along well, and I never felt like I didn’t belong there.

“Peterborough College had a strong connection with UCP, so I got to know all the lecturers pretty well. They were a friendly bunch and helped me ease into college life smoothly. I attended an open event, had a chat with the course leaders, and decided what course I wanted to study,” Ellie commented.

Now, Ellie Lee is taking the next step in her academic career by pursuing a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychological Studies. “I aimed to prove to myself that I could earn a degree, and now I’m on the path to a Master’s in Forensic Psychological Studies,” she added.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Ellie Lee manages a leadership role at a soft play center, showcasing her ability to balance multiple responsibilities. Her journey from an Access to HE student to a Master’s candidate exemplifies her dedication to continuous learning and personal growth.

Reflecting on her transformative journey, Ellie Lee shared, “I chose a university that fit into my life and working alongside my studies, I found UCP to be so supportive. It’s a far cry from the common complaints about lack of support at other universities. It changed me for the better.”

As Ellie Lee continues to make strides in her academic and professional pursuits, her story serves as an inspiration to others aspiring to overcome barriers and excel in the fields of criminology and forensic psychology.

University Centre Peterborough, higher education provider of Inspire Education Group (IEG), were accredited with Silver status by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), testament to the high quality of teaching and student experience offered by the city’s 15-year-longstanding university.

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