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Music Student's Vocal Performance Selected to Feature in Peterborough College Audio Yellow Book with Rethink Your Mind

21 February 2024
Bree's exceptional vocal performance has been selected to feature in the upcoming 2nd edition of The Peterborough College Audio Yellow Book.

Peterborough College is thrilled to highlight the outstanding achievements of its student, Bree Hubbard, who recently collaborated with Rethink Your Mind at Deadline Studios to record the uplifting ‘Notes of Thanks’ single.

Bree Hubbard, who studies Music at Peterborough College, lent her remarkable voice to the ‘Notes of Thanks’ single, embodying the spirit of gratitude and positivity. Her contribution adds depth and emotion to this powerful musical endeavour, reflecting the vibrant talent within our college community.

Bree’s exceptional vocal performance has been selected to feature in the upcoming 2nd edition of The Peterborough College Audio Yellow Book. This groundbreaking audio resource, curated in collaboration with Rethink Your Mind, integrates wellbeing tools and practices with original music and art created by students at Peterborough College. Soon, this invaluable resource will be available for all students and staff to download, fostering a culture of wellness and artistic expression throughout our college community.

Rethink Your Mind, a valued partner of Peterborough College since 2015, extends its sincere gratitude to the dedicated team who played a pivotal role in producing the first personalised Yellow Book for a college. Over the years, our collaboration with Rethink Your Mind has flourished, particularly within the Music department. Together, they have conducted enriching wellbeing projects for students, supported by the expertise of Steve Simmonds, Assistant Head of Faculty for Performing Arts, Music, Media, and IT.

Rethink Your Mind began working with Peterborough College in 2015.

In the new year, students at Peterborough College will have the opportunity to participate in a music workshop led by Rethink Your Mind. Inspired by the ‘Notes of Thanks’ single, students will create songs infused with gratitude, either crafting their lyrics or drawing inspiration from the recording. Selected students will have the honour of recording their tracks at Deadline Studios, with the resulting songs featured in the next edition of The Peterborough College Audio Yellow Book.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Peterborough College over the years,” remarked Rethink Your Mind. “We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented and supportive community. Thanks to all involved!”

Bree Hubbard’s remarkable contributions exemplify the creativity and passion that define Peterborough College’s vibrant arts community. As we eagerly anticipate the release of The Peterborough College Audio Yellow Book, we celebrate the talent and dedication of Bree and all those involved in this inspiring project.

Are you an aspiring musician, sound engineer, or music producer keen on venturing into the diverse world of music? 

Whether you’re inclined towards the technical nuances of producing sound or the artistry of live performances, Peterborough College’s Music Department has a course tailored for you.

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