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In Collaboration with Peterborough City Council and Rutland County Council

Taxi Competency Course

A comprehensive training program specially designed for individuals aiming to become private hire drivers in Peterborough and Rutland. This course is mandatory for all prospective taxi and private hire drivers in the area, equipping you with essential skills and knowledge for a successful career.

This course is tailored to meet the requirements set by Peterborough City Council and Rutland County Council for all those needing to get a Taxi or Private Hire Driver’s licence, ensuring you are well-prepared for your role as a taxi or private hire driver. It focuses on practical skills and relevant knowledge that are essential in this profession.

Course Details

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Location: JobSmart
  • Fee: £140 for a full day or £80 for a half-day resit
  • Start Dates: Multiple start dates throughout the year (Please enquire for specific dates)

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Faisal Mokhammad-Aiup, originally a refugee from Afghanistan and later Ukraine, overcame significant challenges to win both the Rising Above Adversity Award and FE Student of the Year Award. After running a successful mobile phone business in Ukraine, Faisal arrived in the UK in 2022 and joined Jobsmart’s Security programme. Despite initial language barriers, his determination led to successful completion of the course and earning his Door Supervisor license. Faisal is now thriving in retail security, grateful for the support he received and actively sharing his inspiring journey with others.

Faisal Mokhammad-Aiup
Security (SIA) Course

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