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English and Maths

GCSE English Part-Time

  • Course Type: GCSE

What can this course lead to?

Gaining a high grade in GCSE English Language can lead to a variety of future prospects. Firstly, it is often a requirement for further education, such as A-Levels and other vocational qualifications that you can find at Peterborough and Stamford College.

It can also be a requirement for many higher education courses, including some university degrees. In addition, many employers require job applicants to have a Grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language, as it demonstrates a certain level of competence in reading, writing, and communication skills.

This can be particularly important in jobs that require written communication or public speaking, such as journalism, law, and teaching.

Who is it for?

English language skills are essential for success in many areas of life, including higher education, employment, and even personal relationships.

Additionally, this course is for anyone aged 19 years old or above at the start of the academic year. Achieving a Grade 4 or higher in GCSE English Language can therefore help open doors to future opportunities. Studying English Language can also help improve critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, which are valuable in all areas of life.

Finally, achieving a high grade in GCSE English Language can also boost confidence and self-esteem, which can have positive impacts on both personal and professional development.

What is covered?

The GCSE English Language course is designed to develop your reading, writing, and spoken language skills.

The course is typically delivered over a period of two years in schools, but we have condensed into 4 months with intensive study that will consist of one taught session during the week. During the course, you will cover a range of topics, including the analysis of fiction and non-fiction texts, creative writing, and spoken language.

You will also develop your ability to use accurate grammar, punctuation, and spelling in your written work. There will be a range of sessions available for you to enrol on, including: mornings and evening (please note that we do not run evening sessions all year round).

Once you have applied, we will get in touch with you for an assessment, along with further details on specific days and times, so that we can find the right class for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The course is assessed through two exams at the end of the course, as well as a spoken language presentation that is delivered in a small group setting.

The written exams will assess your ability to analyse and evaluate texts, as well as their ability to write clearly and coherently. By the end of the course, you will have developed a range of important language skills, and will be well-prepared to achieve a high grade in the exams.

If you join our course in June, your exams will (provisionally) be on Tuesday 5th November 2024 AND Thursday 7th November 2024. If you join our course in September or January, your exams will be (provisionally) be on Friday 23rd May 2025 AND Friday 6th June 2025.

Please note that the exam dates are set externally and cannot be rearranged.

Start date: 03/06/2024

Course Code
18 - 36 weeks
Fully Funded
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Adult learner, Paul Mould, was delighted to receive a Grade 5 in Maths and a Grade 4 in English this year. Paul shared, “It’s amazing, I’m beaming! It’s really opened up doors for me – I’m going on to do a Foundation Degree in Computer Science”.

He continued, “If you want something, you’ve got to work for it, and I did just that. I’m so pleased and thank you so much to everyone at Peterborough College!”.

Paul Mould
Progressing onto FD in Computer Science

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