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Maitenance Engineer – Berry Superfos

Toby Hughes

“I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to any student. I really think it’s the best way to learn, as you learn new skills and then apply them within the workplace. You are furthering your education and furthering your skillset whilst undergoing an apprenticeship.”

HGV Technician – Volvo Truck and Bus Centre

Dan Woods

“Apprenticeships are a great option as you gain the skills you require from your employer, gain your qualifications from the college, and you earn a salary whilst you complete the apprenticeship, as well as ongoing support from both the college and employer.”

Vehicle and Plant Technician – Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue

Dan Symons

“I’ve learned lots from my time as an apprentice, not just the things learned in college but also the skills that you learn whilst doing full time work. You need to work hard and make sure you learn everything to a high level because you never know when you’re going to need what you learned in college. Also the harder you work the quicker you can complete the course and start earning better money!”

Engineering Apprentice – Lands' End Europe Ltd

Dean Crookell

Dean chose to do an apprenticeship as an alternative to studying at university. “Find a course that interests you as you will enjoy it a lot more. Assign time at work to focus on college-based work, many employers will allow a set period for this. Seek support/guidance if you are struggling, be it from people at work or at college. Take your course seriously and work to achieve the highest standard you can.”

Electrical Apprentice – Remark Group

Gregory Hood

“I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to other students. I think apprenticeships are great for those that don’t want to follow the traditional A-level pathway and for learning new things you wouldn’t necessarily learn in a classroom. Definitely do your research first and look into different apprenticeship programmes and companies that offer an apprenticeship, find the right one for you.”

Electrical Apprentice – Remark Group

Harry Edwards

“There is no better way to learn in my opinion, there are some things that can’t be taught in a classroom. It’s incredible to see your own personal growth, with two major support networks; one being the college itself and of course your employer. I will say do your research into the company you are interested in and make sure it is the right one for you.”

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