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If you have any concerns please contact the caretaker on duty – 07850907971

Key Facts
PRC has circa 9000 students, over 850 staff and delivers a bewildering variety of courses for learners aged 14 to 90. On a typical day, a walk through the College will reveal everything from animal husbandry students feeding marmosets to budding engineers using a wind tunnel to explore aerodynamics. The majority of our learners study vocational programmes leading directly to skilled jobs in Peterborough. But we also have over 800 students on undergraduate degree programmes at our University Centre (the yellow building), nearly 1000 apprentices working in local business and, in our main building, we have some of the best facilities in the region to allow severely disabled learners to achieve their goals. From September 2016, our newest addition, the Greater Peterborough University Technical College (the grey building) will open its doors to 14-19 year olds. The GPUTC aims to be the choice for engineers, builders, designers and architects of the future and to provide them with a world class technical education We are proud to be sponsors of the GPUTC alongside other academic and business partners.

With such a busy and vibrant college on your doorstep, you will rightly want to know exactly what we’re doing to minimise noise. I think we have some positive news here because this year we invested over £8000 on sound proofing the main hall alone. We’re also changing the way we do business, I now personally approve (or decline) every request for a weekend event. What I’m trying to balance are the benefits we provide to the local community by making a high quality venue available to them at an affordable price against the noise these events can create. We restrict the hours, reduce the activities and, ultimately, decline events that would cross that line.

Anti-Social Behaviour
A small minority of students do not arrive with the skills and behaviours required to be successful in life and work; we find ourselves having to manage some very challenging issues. I’m not complaining – it’s part of our job. I do not tolerate littering, bullying, bad language, drug use or other anti-social traits within College bounds and our security team, with the support of all staff, bear down hard on offenders. Outside our boundaries, I have no authority but we do work very closely with the City Council and the Police to influence behaviour, identify miscreants and follow up where student involvement is evident.

Lifestyle Fitness
Did you know that we have a modern and very well-equipped fitness centre on our site? Open to members of the public outside of normal College hours, the Lifestyle Fitness Centre has one of the lowest charges for gym membership in Peterborough.

Lifestyle Fitness College Gym