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Local girl’s Olympic dreams

Rugby Development Centre student, Jess Wilson (17), has been selected to attend a phase 1 trial in the search for Britain’s next crop of Olympic Champions in her chosen sport, Rugby.

With all the recent success for Team GB at both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, the hunt is now on to find Olympic potential for Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 and beyond.

For those athletes lucky enough to be selected, the phase 1 trial is an opportunity to test out their physical prowess and hunger to succeed under the guidance of Olympic coaches and sports scientists.

Having always been very interested in sport, Jess grew up with her older cousin always taking her to the field to kick a football around and was always the girl among the boys. She joined her primary school tag rugby team just for fun and then in Year 4 her teacher noticed the potential in her build and skill and recommended her to PRUFC. Years later and still playing the sport after joining an all-girls team, Jess was selected to play for the East Midland County team 5 years in a row, after which she progressed onto higher level rugby and played for England Midlands 2017, Loughborough Centre of Excellence 2018, and East England Regional Sevens squad, representing the region and county in numerous tournaments.

Now studying on our very successful rugby programme, of her current success she said “I owe the majority of it to Lewis Capes and his phenomenal training since I have joined the college boy’s rugby team.

I came to PRC initially after my GCSE’s and soon found my stride in my sports science course. The rubgy team was certainly the focus of my interest and being the only girl has had its difficulties, however Lewis has helped me establish my place within the team and brought me into the family unit of the team. The staff are amazing, the rugby is immense, the education is outstanding and the opportunities I have been given in college have been rewarding.

As far as my plans for my future, I hope to pass each stage of Olympic trials and represent the nation in Tokyo 2020, continue my annual county endeavours, represent my club (Wellingborough RFC) in a positive way, represent the nation and one day become an ambassador for female rugby and empowered young women”.

Published June 2018.