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We invite you read our Public Consultation Document which contains the full proposal (please click on the PDF button to view the document).

Creating a partnership of equals

We are delighted to share our proposal that Peterborough Regional College and New College Stamford merge to become one college group.

The decision of the two Corporations to submit this proposal reflects a positive and deliberate strategy to deliver a strengthened and sustainable offer to our local communities, in a climate where the stability of individual colleges is likely to be challenged in the future.

It recognises the strengths and opportunities that can be created by coming together as a single, larger, more robust college group with one vision, a relevant and responsive curriculum and an absolute focus on quality, standards and excellence.

This merger will allow us to further develop existing links and bring together two strong organisations to form a partnership of equals. It will allow both colleges to preserve their distinctiveness while building on the individual strengths of each college.

The benefits of this collaboration are clear. Not only will it allow us to continue to maintain and grow a broad and responsive curriculum offer at both campuses, it will provide greater capacity to develop our apprenticeship and higher education provision and give us more opportunity to invest in our students and our communities.

We have no doubt that together, we will enhance the potential of our students both during their time with us and into their futures. We welcome your views on this proposal and look forward to hearing from you.

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