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Towards Vocational


Type: Full Time

Subject: Entry Level and Supported Learning


Start Date: 02 September 2019

Fee: Please contact the Information Centre for fee information

Course Length

1 Year


Entry 3 / Level 1

Who is it for

Our Towards Vocation course is designed for learner who plan to move onto a mainstream course in the future but will require some time to transition into the college environment. We aim to make links with chosen mainstream departments to set up in–year tasters and help you understand the course requirements.

What will I need

There are no entry requirements for the course however you cannot study below your current minimum level qualification.

What is covered

The transition from school to college can be daunting and for some learners time to get used to the environment and gain confidence is a positive introduction to college life. At the same time the students will continue to study English and maths and gain a further qualification with us. 
Some of the areas covered will include:
Community involvement
Healthy Living
Managing finances

The emphasis is on working with others and improving study skills, with the intention of preparing them to move onto a mainstream course in the future.

What else is included?
The following additional subjects are built into your course:

Independent Living Skills
This part of the timetable is an opportunity to develop skills for living independently. The department uses our Timber–framed house; a domestically kitted out building with two kitchens, bathroom and bedroom to practice a range of skills, including:
•Cooking a range of snacks and meals
•Washing, drying, and ironing
•Storing items correctly
•Household chores and cleaning: such as hoovering, sweeping, cleaning appliances and dusting.

Sports and Competition
We offer a sports/competition morning once a week in addition to your normal timetable. During the sports session you will have the opportunity to choose from a number of activities which may include football, hockey, rounders, and a wide variety of indoor games and activities.
The second half of the morning is a competition session in which learners compete as part of a house team to win points throughout the year. The activities included range from group
sports, to team building and puzzles/challenges.

We have great IT facilities, incorporating laptops and large, touch screen PC's with software and hardware to specifically cater for different learning needs that students may have. As well as specific sessions once a week, IT is embedded into other aspects of the study programme, to help learners build their skills and confidence in this area.

Tutorial sessions once a week are in place to introduce learners to topics such as British Values, equality and diversity and a range of issues linked to health, safety and wellbeing. A different theme is explored each week, and the sessions are often a chance for creative activities, discussion, and student–led debate.

What can this course lead to

Following the course you have several options:
• Continuing at the next level of study available in Inclusive Learning
• Move onto a mainstream course in the College
• Move onto a supported internship
• Voluntary or paid employment
• More independent living

Are there any additional costs

Educational trips, approximately £25 per year

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