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Essential Skills


Type: Full Time

Subject: Entry Level and Supported Learning


Start Date: 02 September 2019

Fee: Please contact the Information Centre for fee information

Course Length

1 Year


Pre–entry to Entry 1

Who is it for

This course is designed for learners with PMLD who would benefit from still making progress in an educational setting. The curriculum is therefore set at pre–entry/Entry 1 depending on the needs of the students in the group each year.

What will I need

There are no entry requirements for the course.

What is covered

This year the focus is on pre–entry with the timetable divided into the following sections:
• Working with numbers– encouraging facility with counting, recognition of written numbers, dividing items into groups, etc.
• Communication– spoken, written and non–verbal communication, encouraging two–way conversations in ways appropriate to the learner.
• Sport/leisure/community– taking part in shared activities including physical exercise where appropriate
• Practical activity– doing and making objects and artwork
• Sensory/IT– making use of electronic/digital aids to engage with tasks and experiences
Students, whilst not working towards a specific qualification, are set specific targets for progress and day to day activities are recorded and reviewed in a formal way.

The group operates with high levels of additional support including Personal Care trained staff. The main base of activity is in an appropriately equipped classroom with resources available although the group also access other rooms including a practical workshop and a computer room with touch screens and trackball mouse available.
Lunch is also taken in this room which has a microwave, kettle and sink for cleaning/washing up.
These groups will usually not number more than five learners owing to the complexity of needs in each group and care is taken to avoid sensory overload. There is a sensory room for taking time out to calm as required.

Whilst enrolment is for one year each student will be reviewed to determine whether further study in the next academic year would be of benefit.

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