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Full Time ESOL - Age 16 To 18


Type: Full Time

Subject: English and Maths


Start Date: 07 September 2020

Fee: Please contact the Information Centre for fee information


All Levels

Who is it for

This full–time course is for students who are resident in the UK and plan to live and work here permanently, and who wish to develop their language skills through an intensive and inclusive English study programme.

Learners should be aged 16 – 18 years old and the courses on offer will be from Pre–entry to Level 1.

What will I need

Learners should be 16 – 18 years old.There are no formal entry requirements, but all students are invited for an interview and test to assess their level of English before the course.

What is covered

The course covers a wide range of topics, from personal and social development, through to travel, the environment and culture as well as some ICT, Maths and other interesting topics. Students will develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills (at different levels for individual needs) , as well as their grammar and vocabulary leading to accredited courses, once at an appropriate level.

We have a well–established enrichment programme including sports activities, development of employment skills and excursions to the surrounding countryside and historical towns and cities.

How is the course assessed

Learners from Entry 1 to Level 1 can receive a formal qualification in Speaking and Listening, Writing and Reading, according to their individual level for each skill. You will also take a Maths qualification.

What can this course lead to

This course offers the opportunity for you to progress to either: the next level of ESOL ; a mainstream vocational course; GCSEs. This depends on which level of qualification you achieve.

Are there any additional costs

You will have to purchase a book.

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