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Apprenticeships – Frameworks to suit every business

Peterborough Regional College’s Apprenticeships have a reputation for excellence demonstrated through high levels of success. Apprenticeships provide focused, work based training which is totally relevant to your workplace, through a combination of employment and day-release training.

Apprentices work with you, the employer, to gain the experience and skills they need to do the job in your workplace, and at the same time gain valuable and recognised qualifications. Training is provided and shared between you the employer and Peterborough Regional College. Apprentices will normally attend college one day a week to work towards successful completion of their qualification.

Through employing apprentices you will gain high quality individuals who will receive training and understanding to fit into valuable roles within your organisation.

  • Over 80% of people are more likely to use a business if it offers apprenticeships*
  • 88% of employers believe that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated workforce*

Apprenticeships are hugely flexible and are available to all businesses of all sizes across most sectors.  Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to recruit and/or develop an individual within your organisation, helping you to find and develop your future talent. The principle is about learning how to do the job in your organisation, whilst being given essential job functional skills support. It will also offer classroom training and workplace assessment that lead to nationally recognised qualifications.  Occupational areas range from customer service and administration, to the specialist skills required in the engineering, manufacturing or construction sectors.

Please visit our main Apprenticeships for employers page of the website for further information.


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